Redwing: Speculative Fiction Takes Flight

In this anthology, ten extraordinary writers offer glimpses into worlds spellbinding and bizarre.

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About Redwing

A Maori voyager arriving in the dark forests of an unpeopled Europe... a not-so-simple herdsman visited by an unwelcome spectre on the seedy streets of Montreal...a sleeper waking from suspended animation into a world fearfully similar to the one he left. By turns creepy, exciting, melancholy, and hilarious, these stories from a mix of new and established authors are sure to provide memorable entertainment.

Redwing features the following stories:

  • "Nickel Nights" - Emily Andrews
  • "Kaupoai and the Gilhag" - Laura DeHaan
  • "In From the Cold" - John Grey
  • "The Spear of the Ancients" - Taylor Johnson
  • "A Hand of Palaver" - A.E. Prevost
  • "The Epic of Roman Romanov" - Jake Ristic-Petrovic
  • "Ticker Tape Kings" - Ashleigh Rajala
  • "Which Animal?" - Triston Sowles
  • "Death by Association" - Martine Helene Svanevik
  • "Song of the Whale Rider" - David Wright

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