Frequently Asked Questions

We're not going to say these have all been asked frequently, but we've gotten some version of them all at least once.

Q. Can I send you a story?
A. Submissions are closed at the moment. When we're ready to start accepting stories for our next anthology, we'll let you know.

Q. Are you currently selling print versions of anything?
A. No.

Q. Why can't I buy books directly from your website?
A. We'll probably set up that capability eventually, but since we've got day jobs and such, we're keeping the website as simple as possible for now.

Q. Do you take reprints for your anthologies?
A. We'll look at reprints, but they'll be a tough sell compared to new stories, especially if they appeared in the last couple of years or are still available online.

Q. What rights do you purchase?
A. We purchase First World Electronic Rights (the right to distribute the story electronically throughout the world) and Non-Exclusive Archival Rights (the right to keep the story in our online archive). We also require that authors not publish the story elsewhere before its publication in our anthologies or for a period of six months after publication. (Also, "First World Electronic Rights" means "for the first time, anywhere in the world"; it doesn't have anything to do with First World countries. We mention this because someone in India wanted to know if they counted as "First World". We welcome submissions from everywhere.)

Q. I'm American. Do I have to use Canadian spellings?
A. Spellings will be changed to Canadian before publication. We prefer you to use Canadian spellings in the first place, but it's not going to affect whether or not we take your story.

Q. Do you buy artwork?
A. Our cover art is handled in-house, and we don't plan to have interior illustrations in any of our upcoming books; so, no.

Q. I don't have a PayPal account.
A. This is not the market for you.

Q. I've written a children's story / thinly disguised religious allegory / book review.
A. This is not the market for you.

Q. I, cant' splelling puntcuate and; Gramme.r.
A. This is not the market for you; also, you're hurting us. Please stop.

Q. You don't pay enough money and are contributing to the decline of science fiction publishing with your low rates.
A. We're paying what we can afford. This is, as we've stated elsewhere, a hobby press that we're running out of our own pockets. We hope to raise our rates eventually.

Q. You should be using Kickstarter!
A. Well, we aren't.

Q. Will you be my agent?
A. You should really address this question to an agent.

Q. Will you advertise my book/magazine/blog/artwork?
A. Go ahead and post about it on our Facebook page, so long as you're not spammy about it. Otherwise, no.