About Us

The Co-President (Pictures) is Victoria Feistner, a writer, graphic designer, and artisan in equal parts, although some of those parts are more equal than others. She lives in Toronto with her partner and two jerks cats. You can reach her via victoriafeistner.com or twitter (@vfeistner); she appreciates Loki gifs while she's trying to work.

The Co-President (Words) is Grace Seybold, an SF author and poet living in Kingston, Ontario, where she works as a copy editor and heroically resists the temptation to correct comma errors on public signage. Her work has appeared in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Reckoning, and various other places.

Alan Chow, a graphic designer turned front-end web developer based in Toronto now, ahahaha, is our Picture Minion. He can put more of a bio here if he feels like it including a link to his portfolio. (Which I will! alanchow.ca.)

Laura DeHaan is fine being known as the Slush Goblin and copywriter. You can find her other works on her poorly-maintained website, I Am In Your Eyebrain.

Liane Tsui spends her days busting commas and solving for x at a non-profit educational publisher. For fun, she collects choice memes and paddles on a big dragon-shaped boat. She lives in Toronto with her husband and their supervisor, Lila the tuxedo cat. She can be reached on Twitter at @lianeiam, but only with Lila's permission.

Our hardworking redwings are Hugin, Munin, and Skrifa.

Together, we are Grace & Victory Publications. You can email us at graceandvictorypublishing [at] gmail [dot] com and we might even respond one of these days.

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